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26 February 2010

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5 of 2010

Government Gazette Update
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Appropriation Bill ; Child Justice Act ; Companies Act, 2008 ; Consumer Protection Act, 2008 ; Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill, 2010 ; Division of Revenue Bill ; Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005, Broadcasting Act 4 of 1999 and Independent Communications Authority of South Africa 13 of 2000 ; Draft Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill ; National Environmental Management : Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 ; South African National Cybersecurity Policy
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5-day International training course on Islamic Personal Law. Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers(AMAL), UKZN and the International Shariah Academy

Recent Judgments
Competition Commission, Tribunal and Appeal Court
- Poultry industry gets the beady eye ; Commission considers Pioneer's fine too lenient

Supreme Court of Appeal - The Citizen loses its case against McBride ; asylum seeker to be released from "unlawful" custody
Constitutional Court
- Matatiele belongs in the Eastern Cape ; president to grant victims of the perpetrators of political violence an audience before granting pardons
Land Claims Courts

Eastern Cape High Court
- AbaThembu King's secession plans are publicly criticised ; 'Rasta' mother tries to reclaim two children who were removed from her custody
KwaZulu-Natal High Court : Durban
- Sutcliffe subpoenaed in claim over delay in tender process ; alleged sugarcane field serial murdered asks for girlfriend to be released from custody
KwaZulu-Natal High Court : Pietermaritzburg - Nabolisa denied bail as court deems him a flight risk ; Badul granted bail
North Gauteng High Court
- Medical professionals challenge price list ; court supports farmers whose land in Zimbabwe has been seized ; Judgment has been reserved in the LSSA's RAF case ; 'Advocate Barbie' is sentenced to seven years in prison but plans to appeal to the SCA
South Gauteng High Court
- Eskom wants court to dismiss Maroga's R85 million claim and gag him ; Matric pupil wins right to move to Grade 12 ; last week's ruling in the UK on assisted suicide may have a bearing on the Kebble trial ; Gilder testifies in Selebi trial and judge rules the transcript is to be made public
Western Cape High Court
- Happy Valley families lose eviction appeal ; convicted molester has sentence reduced to fine
Commercial Crimes
- Fidentia accountant stays behind bars
Equality Courts
- Hate speech profile appears on Facebook urging followers to kill whites ; date not yet set down for Malema's hate speech trial to continue ; court rules that 'racist' comments by Mbolweni were "nothing more than a storm in a teacup"
Labour Courts
- SAPS ordered to promote captain in Employment Equity Act case
Land Claims Court
- Constantia development halted pending land claim ; court rejects claim to currently productive agricultural land
Regional Courts
- Xenophobia case against Councillor resumes ; former prosecutor gets suspended term
Magistrates Courts
- Reitz workers want criminal case rather than restorative justice ; case against Dalton is re-opened ; family of 'blue light' victim dissatisfied with two-year suspended term for driver

Legal Profession
Law Society of South Africa welcomes review of LLB qualification ; Nthai demands original tapes ; female lawyers now permitted in Saudi courts ; could Obama be on his way to the Bench?
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South Africa
dti says draft 2010 Liquor Bill that requires special R50 000 licence is not intended to stifle business ; 2010 accommodation prices to be audited ; Fifa turns attention to muti ; Deputy-Director of Communications suspended following irregular expenditure of over R3 million ; contract of Correctional Services National Commissioner is terminated ; alleged sugarcane field serial murderer injured during attempted escape from prison, leading to retirement of prison official ; what recourse is there for failed IT projects? ; what effect will Italy's conviction of two Google executives have on Internet freedom? ; government shifts its thinking on migration ; Gauteng goes all-out to save money on contracts ; awarding of government tenders in the spotlight ; Deputy-Minister of Home Affairs is not impressed with ID book ; government intercepts North Korean armaments bound for Central Africa ; couple suspected of genocide crimes living in South Africa ; Asset Forefeiture Unit eyes properties of Cape Town woman convicted in UK of heading child sex ring ; JSC prepares for interviews ; new Director-General of Justice called to account for Simelane's audit report ; Premier outlines priorities for KZN ; land transactions still delayed by SGO's wage negotiations ; cost of supporting squatters ; Nersa approves Eskom tariffs amid pleas to municipalities when applying the increase, and parliament puts pressure on Eskom to renegotiate favourable supply contracts with industry ; mineral rights in South Africa ; audit of state's mining assets is completed ; Peter Leon invited to join mining task team ; a state-owned mining company is proposed ; Western Cape farmers and environmental groups up in arms over proposed mining in the area ; Msunduzi Municipality in chaos ; "name-changing is the opposite of nation-building'" ; widow finally receives monies due to her after calling presidential hotline ; Road Accident Fund is R31-billion in the red ; public servants may not resign to escape charges ; parliament enters fray over jogger allegedly harassed by 'blue light' bodyguards ; SAPS accused of politically-motivated attacks in KZN ; Cosatu proposes wealth tax ; government intensifies partnership with traditional leaders ; auditors find irregularities to the tune of R18 million in Transnet ; Minister says no backlog on maintenance of national roads ; illegal drag-racing to be banned ; learners' licences now valid for two years ; residents attempt to halt funeral of Zimbabwean man whose family could not be traced ; 
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There is a vacancy for an attorney in Pietermaritzburg ; three admitted Attorneys seek positions ; one person wishes to sign up for Articles
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