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Issue no.39 - 12 November 2004


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  NEWS FROM . . . 

  KZNLS Information Services   -
In preparation for the launch of a new series of workshops during 2005 (details below), Janine Gerson of SAI will be presenting an introduction to ADSL connections at the KZNLS' offices in Pietermaritzburg at 3pm on Thursday 18 November.  The following Thursday at 3pm SAI will again have a representative in attendance to discuss the concept of electronic-faxing, a service that was implemented within the KZNLS some months ago and one that is being used with enthusiasm by various staff members.  It has reduced the cost of faxing quite significantly.  Another application that is being applied with great effect by the legal profession is customised SMSing.  Vaughan Redman of Coretalk will be here at 3pm on Tuesday 1 December to introduce us to the service offered by the company and to explain why it is essential that one's service provider ensures the integrity of relevant data.  All interested parties are invited to join us.  There is no fee.

033-345 0745 ; 033-345 1304 


We are planning a series of workshops to be held in various centres around the province during the course of 2005.  These are being arranged in order to bring a number of services and products to the attention of legal practitioners.  An ever-increasing number of attorneys are implementing facilities such as electronic-faxing, SMS services as a means to contact clients quickly and cost-effectively, and ADSL connections to improve Internet access.

The workshops are still in the planning stage and I would appreciate input from attorneys in all areas of KZN detailing the kind of services that interest them specifically.  If there is sufficient demand, we may incorporate a brief session relating to the KZNLS' web-based services offered to members at no cost.

Mary Bruce
Information Manager



Companies Amendment Act 20 of 2004
GN 1210/GG 26908/20-10-2004
Immigration Amendment Act 19 of 2004
GN 1206/GG 26901/18-10-2004


Adjustments Appropriation Bill
Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill
Financial Services Ombud Schemes Bill
National Energy Regulator Bill
National Payment System Amendment Bill
National Small Business Amendment Bill
Notice of introduction in Parliament
GenN 2393/GG 26926/25-10-2004
Revenue Laws Amendment Bill
Securities Services Bill
A -
A (PC) -
B -
Sterilisation Amendment Bill


Public Service Act 103 of 1994
Amendment of Schedule 2 to the Public Service Act
PR 50/GG 26938/05-11-2004
Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act 74 of 1996
Referral of matter to existing Special Investigating Unit and Special Tribunal (Nala Municpality, Free State Province)
PR 51/GG 26912/20-10-2004

Referral of matter to existing Special Investigating Unit and Special Tribunal (Quakeni Municipality, Eastern Cape Province)
PR 50/GG 26912/20-10-2004

Referral of matter to existing Special Investigating Unit and Special Tribunal (Vista University)
PR 52/GG 26912/20-10-2004


Department of Agriculture
Correction notice to R 2238/14-10-2004 :
Procedures for the application, administration and allocation of export permits under the trade, development and co-operation agreement between the European Community and the Republic of South Africa
GNR 1279/GG 26916/29-10-2004
Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995
Bargaining Council for the Building Industry (Cape of Good Hope) - Extension of Collective Agreement to non-parties with effect from 1 November 2004 and for the period ending 31 October 2005
GNR 1216/GG 26909/22-10-2004

Bargaining Council for the Building Indusry (North and West Boland) - Extension of Collective Agreement to non-parties with effect from 1 November 2004 and for the period ending 31 October 2005
GNR 1217/GG 26910/22-10-2004

Cancellation of GN 1735/28-11-2003 and R804/09-07-2004 with effect from 1 November 2004 :
Bargaining Council for the Building Industry (Cape of Good Hope) - Extension of Collective Agreement to non-parties
GNR 1215/GG 26909/22-10-2004

Cancellation of GN 379/27-03-1998 with effect from 8 November 2004 :
Hairdressing and Cosmetology Services Bargaining Council (Semi-National) : main collective agreement
GNR 1281/GG 26916/29-10-2004

Hairdressing and Cosmetology Services Bargaining Council (Semi-National) - Extension to non-parties of Main Collective Agreement with effect from 8 November 2004 for teh period ending 31 December 2007
GNR 1282/GG 26916/29-10-2004

Merchant Shipping Act 57 of 1951
Merchant Shipping (Automatic Identification System) Regulations 2004
GNR 1291/GG 26938/05-11-2004

Merchant Shipping (Continuous Synopsis Record) Regulations 2004
GNR 1290/GG 26938/05-11-2004

Merchant Shipping (Ship Identification Number) Regulations 2004
GNR 1292/GG 26938/05-11-2004

Military Pensions Act 84 of 1976
Determination of amounts
GNR 1289/GG 26938/05-11-2004
Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 28 of 2002
Amendment of regulations : insertion of Regulation 82A
GNR 1288/GG 26942/29-10-2004


  Draft Regulations  
Local Government : Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003
Draft regulations converting investments, supply chain management and public private partnerships published for public comment by 19 November 2004
GenN 2458/GG 26945/29-10-2004
South African Maritime Safety Authority
Draft Courts of Marine Enquiry (Amendment) Regulations
Publication for comment by 30 November 2004


  Government, General and Board Notices  
Department of Agriculture
Procedures for the application, administration and allocation of import permits under the Bilateral Trade Agreement between South Africa and Zimbabwe
GenN 2391/GG 26915/29-10-2004

World Trade Organisation : Marrakesh Agreement
Application for market access permits for agricultural products
GenN 2457/GG 26944/29-10-2004

Electronic Communications Security (Proprietary) Limited Act 68 of 2002
Notice in terms of ss.17(2) and 17(3) : the particulars of the procedure to be followed in submitting to Comsec's Board of Directors and analysis of the electronic communications security needs of the organs of state
GenN 2277/GG 26914/20-10-2004
Telecommunications Act 103 of 1996
Findings and conclusions on the enquiry into the development of commercial public pay-phone strategy
GenN 2276/GG 26913/19-10-2004

Notice in terms of s.35A read with s.2 and s.32A(1)
GenN 4234/GG 26930/26-10-2004

Division of Revenue Act 5 of 2004
Statement of the National and Provincial Government's revenue expenditure and national borrowing as at 30 September 2004
Gn 1293/G 26946/29-10-2004
National Payment System Amendment Act 22 of 2004
Designation of Continuous Linked Settlement ("CLS") System as a designated settlement system
GenN 2459/GG 26953/30-10-2004
National Heritage Resource Act 25 of 1999
South African Heritage Resources Agency - declaration of heritage resources as national heritage sites
GenN 2464/GG 26937/05-11-2004
Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995
Notice by the Essential Services Committee
GN 1278/GG 26915/29-10-2004
South African Pharmacy Council
Rules relating to the services for which a pharmacist may levy a fee and guidelines for levying such fee or fees (BN 106/GG 26904/15-10-2004) withdrawn with immediate effect
BN 107/GG 26943/29-10-2004
Income Tax Act 58 of 1962
Behr South Africa (Pty) Ltd
GN 1224/GG 26921/29-10-2004

NGK Ceramics South Africa (Pty) Ltd
GN 1223/GG 26921/29-10-2004

Strategic Industrial Project (SIP) - Cape Town Iron and Steel Works
GN 1222/GG 26921/29-10-2004

Air Services Licensing Act 115 of 1990
Application for the grant or amendment of domestic air service licence
GenN 2406/GG 26915/29-10-2004
International Air Services Act 60 of 1993
Grant/amendment of international air services licences
GenN 2407/GG 26915/29-10-2004


  Consumer Price Index  
September 2004 : 124,1
GenN 2465/GG 26937/05-11-2004


  KZN Provincial Gazette  
Draft Constitution of KwaZulu-Natal 2004
Gazette Extraordinary
GenN 22/PG 6300/10-11-2004
KZN Department of Transport
White paper on Freight Transport Policy
PN 1399/PG 6297/28-10-2004
Matatiele Municipality
Credit Control and Debt Collection Bylaws
MN 53/PG 6299/04-11-2004
Credit Management Bylaws
MN 52/PG 6299/04-11-2004
Financial Bylaws
MN 51/PG 6299/04-11-2004
uThungulu District Municipality
Cemetery Bylaws
MN 50/PG 6297/28-10-2004



  South African Journal of Criminal Justice  
Corporate homicide
Alan Rycroft
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.141
Aspects of South African law as it applies to corruption in the workplace
Rochelle le Roux
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.158
The two reasons for the existence of private defence and their effect on the rules relating to the defence in South Africa
C R Snyman
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.178
The implications of the emerging jurisprudence in international criminal law for penal regimes in post independent Africa
Danwood Chirwa
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.193
Revealing figures : a 10-year review of South African criminal justice performance
Martin Schonteich
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.220
Book Review
Criminal justice in a new society : essays in honour of Solly Leeman (2003)
Angelo Pantazis
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.240
Recent Cases
Specific crimes
Ronald Louw
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.244
Criminal procedure
Michael Cowling
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.249
Stephan Terblanche
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.268
Constitutional application
Anashri Pillay
SACJ - 2004, v.17(2), p.281



  Recent Judgments available on the Internet  
no new judgments online this week


no new judgments online this week


26 October 2004
SA Baard Boerdery v Pofadder
19 October 2004
LCC80/2003 ; LCC 81/2003
Landman and another v Ndlozi, Gama
Extension of Security of Tenure Act, 62 of 1997- notice of motion- application to respectively evict both respondents – respondents’ defence : they are labour tenants ito Labour Tenants Act – cannot be evicted while claim ito s 16 of Labour Tenants Act is pending - definition of "labour tenants" and "farm worker"- Held that respondents are labour tenants
30 September 2004
LCC31/03 - Summary of judgment
Concerned Land Claimants' Organisation Port Elizabeth v Port Elizabeth Land Claims Restoration Association
Land reform - Restitution of Land Rights Act 22 of 1994 – urgent application – review of Minister of Land Affair’s decision to sign Section 42D settlement agreement - s42D agreement can be contested if the party with whom s42D agreement is made,is awarded land or a right in land which was disposed from another claimant – held that there is not evidence in this case proving the latter- application dismissed


Retirement age bound to contract or policy - 9 November
The law creates only two bases on which an employer can justify the termination of an employee on the grounds of retirement. The one is agreed retirement age and the other is normal retirement age
Dispatch Online website

Should you require a copy of the law report, the citation is Rubin Sportswear v SACTWU & Others [2004]10 BLLR 986(LAC)

With thanks to Adrienne and Keke


8 November 2004
The Minister of Safety and Security v Ralph Warren Meyer and Ernest Simpson
This is an appeal against a judgment delivered in the Magistrate’s Court in terms of which the appellant was awarded damages in the sum of R40,000 as a result of certain words uttered by second respondent who was employed by the South African Police Services (‘SAPS’) as an administrator/radio operator. The second respondent claimed that the words were spoken in jest. In the court a quo the magistrate held that the remarks were ‘defamatory in the sense of exposing the Plaintiff to ridicule at the very least. In the alternative, the magistrate found that an injuria had been committed, in that first respondent’s dignity had been injured by the manner and content of the words uttered on the police radio. This appeal deals with four separate questions, namely the existence of defamation, the existence of an iniuria, thirdly whether second respondent acted within the course and scope of his employment with appellant and fourthly the quantum of damages in the event of first respondent being successful in respect of an action based either on defamation or the iniuria
1 November 2004
M J H Fox v Cango Wildlife Centre (Pty) Ltd trading as Cango Wildlife Ranch
The judgement handed down on 2 August 2004 required the defendant to pay the plaintiff's past medical expenses, past lost of income and general damages. The defendant was also ordered to pay interest on past medical expenses and lost of income at the prescribed statutory rate from date of issue of summons to the date of payment. The defendant informed the plaintiff on three previous offers of settlement according to Rule 34(12) and also requested the court to reconsider its judgment on the question of costs. The defendant furthermore applied for the correction or alteration of the initial order of costs relating to interest on past medical expenses and past loss of income, on the basis that interest should run from the date of judgement (2 August 2004) to date of payment
29 October 2004
Ex parte J A Janse van Rensburg
The applicant and a member of the family was appointed as trustees of a trust created in accordance with the deceased's last will and testament. This application is mainly concerned with the allocation of the trust funds according to the doctrine of cy pres and/or the Trust Property Control Act 51 of 1988. The effect of section 9 of the Constitution of South Africa 108 of 1996 is also relevant to this particular case in so far as reference is made in the testament of the deceased to elderly people of colour
The Judgment is in Afrikaans
Keyphrase : A J Liebenberg Trust
Laugh It Off again faces wrath of breweries - 11 November
SAB Miller is once again hauling Laugh It Off (LIO) before the Cape High Court - this time to stop the small T-shirt company's annual publication and calendar
IOL website
Court orders attachment of car in drunk driving case - 11 November
In a precedent-setting decision, the Cape High Court today ordered the attachment of the car of a Western Cape man arrested for drunken driving. "This is the first, and we expect to do a lot more, particularly over the festive season," said Sipho Ngwema, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, after the order by Judge Dennis Davis
SABC News website




Shaik's trial adjourns till Monday – 11 November
The fraud and corruption trial against Shabir Shaik has been postponed till Monday at the Durban High Court. This is to make way for members of the defence who will join thousands of Hindus tomorrow in celebrating Diwali
SABC News website

Shaik's dodgy bookkeeping the fault of the auditors' – 12 November
Schabir Shaik's auditors and accountants have been blamed for the allegedly irregular entries in the financial statements of his Nkobi group of companies that are at the centre of the fraud charge against him
Business Day

Shaik charges 'explained away' – 11 November
Fraud and corruption accused Schabir Shaik regarded deputy president Jacob Zuma's R3.2m pension money as a source from which he could be repaid, Durban High Court heard on Thursday
News24 website

Shaik trial: bribe or donation for Zuma? - 11 November
Businessman Schabir Shaik attempted to obtain donations and not a bribe for Deputy President Jacob Zuma from French arms company Thomson-CSF, the Durban High Court heard on Wednesday
iafrica website

Court told new version of Zuma's role - 10 November
Deputy President Jacob Zuma acted as an intermediary to clarify Nkobi's economic empowerment credentials rather than as a role player in securing contracts and projects, the Durban High Court heard yesterday
AllAfrica website

Surprise witness at Shaik trial - 10 November
The state produced a surprise witness in the Schabir Shaik fraud and corruption trial under way in the Durban High Court on Wednesday.
A chief police inspector, Pierre Coret, from Mauritius has taken the stand and is testifying about the two counts of corruption against Shaik with the aid of a French translator. Before Coret took the stand, presiding Judge Hilary Squires ruled against a state application for another witness to give evidence via video link from Scotland. On Wednesday Squires said a criminal trial must take place in an open court and that the space at the university would not accommodate everyone, including the media. However, he said if the necessary facilities could be installed in the court, or be found elsewhere, he would reconsider his judgment subject to opposition from the defence [emphasis added]
News24 website

Zuma helped 'allay fears' - 10 November
It was Deputy President Jacob Zuma who helped "anxious" Durban businessman Schabir Shaik when his French business connections faltered, because President Thabo Mbeki had allegedly indicated that Shaik was not a suitable black economic empowerment partner
Daily News website

ANC 'refused Shaik's share offer' - 9 November
Durban businessman Schabir Shaik's plans to have ANC shareholding in his company was "thrown out the door" by the party when it refused to give them its blessing. A letter, written "with regret" by ANC Treasurer-General Makhenkesi Stofile, was handed to the Durban High Court during Shaik's trial yesterday
The Mercury website

Zuma 'had no shares' - 9 November
Deputy President Jacob Zuma was not and is not a shareholder of Durban businessman Schabir Shaik's Nkobi group of companies. This would be the evidence of Shaik, his senior counsel Francois van Zyl SC indicated to the Durban High C
ourt yesterday
Daily News website

Insisting on accountability - 9 November
While the Shaik trial in Durban has thus far kept the arms deal and its spin-offs ticking over in the news, the deal has also reared its head in parliament again
The Mercury website

Satellite link-up with witness in Shaik trial 'cheaper and quicker' - 9 November
Judge Hillary Squires will decide this week whether the fraud and corruption trial against Durban businessman Schabir Shaik will hear Glasgow-based witness John Lennon's evidence via a satellite link-up
AllAfrica website

The many faces of Schabir - 7 November
Shaik's trial has inspired a song and a pasta dish and set SA abuzz - but given contradictory pictures of the man
AllAfrica website




no new judgments online this week


Department of Health
4 November 2004
Department's comments on court case against TAC
SA Government Online website


17 September 2004
Barkhuizen v Napier
Constitutionality of contractual prescription
Hosted on the OSALL website


  Government and Legislation  


The Presidency
13 November 2004
T Mbeki to visit European Institutions & Belgium, 15-17 Nov
Ministry of Education
12 November 2004
N Pandor response to salaries of Vice-Chancellors
KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government
11 November 2004
Z Mkhize to announce new bank to handle provincial government's finances, 12 Nov
KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government
10 November 2004
S Ndebele leads delegation to Britain

"Premier Sibusiso Ndebele will leave for London tomorrow morning, accompanied by a delegation of experts to develop among others a Citizen's Charter for the people of KwaZulu-Natal with input from British officials. Also included in the itinerary is the launch of "Investing in South Africa" publication where the Premier will deliver a keynote address on the 'Investment Climate and Opportunities in South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal Province'

Ministries of Public Service and Administration and Education
10 November 2004
Statement on dispute declared by SADTU and NAPTOSA
The Presidency
5 November 2004
T Mbeki: Address to National Council of Provinces

Project Consolidate :
" . . . an audit was done on municipalities, focussing at their capacity on service delivery and implementation of policies. This audit found that 136 of the 284 municipalities have little or no capacity to service their areas and therefore need urgent support to improve their delivery mechanisms . . . "
[plenty of statistics]

see also :
Ministry for Provincial and Local Government
29 October 2004
Statement on launch of Project consolidate

The Presidency
4 November 2004
T Mbeki : Association of Commonwealth Universities

includes reference to 'The Great Nairobi Debate of 1968' questioning "the underlying assumption that the English tradition and the emergence of the modern west were the central root of Kenya's and Africa's consciousness and cultural heritage. They rejected the underlying notion that Africa was an extension of the West . . . "

Government Communications and Information System
4 November 2004
Statement on taxi recapitalisation project
Ministry of Home Affairs
4 November 2004
N Mapisa-Nqakula welcomes discourse on Xenophobia

" . . . the importance of a legislative framework has incorporated the issue of counteracting xenophobia into the legislation . . . "

The Presidency
4 November 2004
T Mbeki determines salaries and allowance of public office-bearers
Government Communication and Information System
[3 November 2004]
Statement of Cabinet meeting- 3 November
  • The following Bills were approved for submission to Parliament :
    • Intergovernmental Relations Framework Bill which outlines the functions of the three spheres of government and procedures and structures in their relationship
    • Co-operatives Bill which defines policy on development of co-operatives
    • Nursing Bill which aims to improve regulation of the nursing profession to better serve the public and in this regard redefine the mandate of the Nursing Council
    • Road Accident Fund Amendment Bill which seeks to improve equity, fairness and transparency in the operations of the fund
    • Sectional Titles Amendment Bill which regularises acts of registration and liability as it applies to certain members of body corporates
  • The meeting decided to release the following Bills for public comment :
    • Auditing Profession Bill which provides for registration and regulation of auditors and the setting up of an Independent Regulatory Board
    • Co-operatives Banks Bill which provides a framework for the Co-operative banks industry
    • Dedicated Banks Bill which aims at the setting up of banks providing specific services to consumers to whom such services have hitherto not been available
National Treasury
3 November 2004
Mid-term provincial budget report for first 6 months of 2004/05 financial year
The Presidency
3 November 2004
T Mbeki announce appointment of new judges
  • Supreme Court of Appeal
    • Mr Justice Christopher Nyaole Jafta
    • Mr Justice Dunstan Mlambo
    • Mr Justice Visvanathan Moonsamy Ponnan
  • Cape Provincial Division
    • Mr Justice Basheer Wagley
  • Natal Provincial Division - Deputy Judge President
    • no appointment
  • Mmabatho High Court
    • Mr Festus Samkelo Gura
  • Witwatersrand Local Division - Deputy Judge President
    • Mr Justice Phineas Mathale Mojapelo
  • Transvaal Provincial Division
    • Adv Justice Ntsikelelo
    • Mandelenkosi Poswa SC
  • African Court of Human and People's Rights
    • Mr Justice Bernard Makgabo Ngoepe
Gauteng Provincial Government
3 November 2004
Gauteng to implement Liquor Act of 2003
Department of Health
3 November 2004
M Tshabalala-Msimang : Public Hearing on social issues
National Treasury
2 November 2004
Treasury publishes regulation to improve procurement in municipalities
  • Supply Chain Management Regulations take effect on 1 July 2005
  • Public Private Partnership Regulations take effect on 1 March 2005
  • Municipal Investment and Cash Management Regulations take effect on 1 March 2005
Gauteng Provincial Government
2 November 2004
F Cachalia & I Jacobs commit to re-examine vehicle management system
Department of Public Works
1 November 2004
S Sigcau launches property industry transformation process
Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
29 October 2004
Results for municipal by-elections of 27 October 2004
Department of Foreign Affairs
29 October 2004
Namibian government waives diplomatic immunity for criminal suspect in SA


Agriculture and Land Affairs Portfolio Committee

20 October 2004
Pace of land reform : hearings

2 November 2004
Agricultural Research Council and Onderstepoort Biological Products Annual Reports : briefing

9 November 2004
Annual Reports of Bala and Ncera Farms : briefings

Arts and Culture Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
Annual and Quarterly Reports on Public Entities : Department briefing

5 November 2004
Department Annual Report : briefing

8 November 2004
Indigenous Knowledge Systems : Department briefing

Communications Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

Telkom’s Annual Report: briefing 09 Nov 2004

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) Annual Report 08 Nov 2004

South African Broadcasting Corporation Annual Report; National Task Team on SA Broadcast Content and Languages 05 Nov 2004

Sentech Annual Report: briefing 02 Nov 2004

Department of Communications Annual Report: briefing 28 Oct 2004

Government Communication and Information Systems; Media Development and Diversity Agency and International Marketing Council Annual Reports: briefing 22 Oct 2004

Correctional Services Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
Department Annual Report : consideration

27 October 2004
Department Annual Report and financial statements : briefing

2 November 2004
Department Annual Report : adoption

5 November 2004
Criminal justice system trends : briefing by Institute for Security Studies ;  Outsourcing of nutritional services in prisons : briefing by Department

Defence Portfolio Committee

12 October 2004
Department and Armscor's Annual Reports : briefings

26 October 2004
Defence review : hearings

2 November 2004
Denel and AMD Annual Reports, overview of public hearings on defence review

5 November 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement

8 November 2004
European Union Parliamentarian on Trade, Military and Diplomatic Relations : meeting

9 November 2004
Final Integration Report : SANDF briefing

Education Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
Dinaledia Project : Department briefing

2 November 2004
Department Annual Report : briefing by Director General

3 November 2004
Meeting with Swedish Parliamentary Committee

9 November 2004
Committee Business Plan and Budget : adoption

Environmental Affairs and Tourism Portfolio Committee

9 November 2004
Environmental Impact Assessment proposed regulations : briefing

Finance Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *
Report on Medium Term Budget Policy Statement 2004, Committee Annual Report and Minutes: adoption 05 Nov 2004
Adjustments Appropriation Bill: briefing and adoption 03 Nov 2004
Draft Revenue Laws Amendment Bill: adoption 02 Nov 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement: Comments by Economists 29 Oct 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement: National Treasury briefing 27 Oct 2004
Financial Services Ombud Schemes Bill: deliberation 25 Oct 2004
Foreign Affairs Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *
Zimbabwean Ambassador’s briefing 03 Nov 2004
Xenophobia: briefings by Departments of Foreign and Home Affairs 27 Oct 2004
Health Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
Council for Medical Schemes Annual Report : briefing

29 October 2004
Swedish Health Minister meeting

2 November 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy statement : Department briefing

9 November 2004
Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill : adoptionSterilisation Amendment Bill, and World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control : briefings ;  Committee Budget and Business Plan : adoption

Home Affairs Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
Film and Publications Act implementation ;  Department Information and Technology systems : briefing

26 October 2004
Committee Tours Report of Gauteng adn Mpumalanga : adoption

Housing Portfolio Committee

27 October 2004
Committee Business Plan : adoption

2 November 2004
Strategic planning for housing delivery : hearings

3 November 2004
National Home Builders Registration Council, National Housing Finance Corporation, Social Housing Fund, Rural Housing Loan Fund and South Cape Social Housign Association : hearings

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

Judicial Conduct Tribunals Bill: briefing 03 Nov 2004

Judicial Service Commission Amendment Bill: briefing 02 Nov 2004

Department Annual Report: briefing by Director General 28 Oct 2004

Protocol to African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on Rights of Women in Africa: Finalisation 27 Oct 2004

Protocol of Court of Justice of African Union; Memorandum on UK Designation Under Cross-Border Insolvency Act and SA/India Treaties on Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters: adoption 26 Oct 2004
Labour Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *
Committee Programme, Business Plan and Annual Report: adoption 09 Nov 2004
SETAS briefing Report, Department Budget: briefing; Committee Budget: adoption 02 Nov 2004

Department of Labour Annual Report: briefing 26 Oct 2004

Minerals and Energy Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

Regional Electricity Distributor One (RED 1): briefing 05 Nov 2004

National Nuclear Regulator, Nuclear Energy Corporation Annual Reports: briefings 03 Nov 2004
Mine Health and Safety Council, MINTEK and Council for Geoscience Annual Reports: briefings 27 Oct 2004
Provincial and Local Government Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

Municipal Infrastructure Investment Unit: briefing 02 Nov 2004

Rand Water Annual Report: briefing 26 Oct 2004

SA Local Government Association and Commission for the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities: briefing 12 Oct 2004

Municipal Demarcation Board, National House of Traditional Leaders, Local Government/Water SETA: annual reports 11 Oct 2004
Public Enterprises Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

Eskom’s Annual Report Briefing 27 Oct 2004

Public Service and Administration Portfolio Committee

27 October 2004
Mid-Term Performance, Annual Report and Financial Statement : South African Management Development Institute briefing

3 November 2004
Restructuring of Public Service : Department briefing

Public Works Portfolio Committee

25 October 2004
Report on Strategic Planning Workshop ;  SCOPA hearing and Committee Programme : discussion

27 October 2004
Department Workshop and MEC Reports : deliberations

2 November 2004
Department Annual Report : briefing

Safety and Security Portfolio Committee

27 October 2004
Committee Visit to Gauteng Report : adoption

3 November 2004
South African Police Services Annual Report : briefing

5 November 2004
Independent Complaints Directorate
Annual Report : briefing ;  Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist and Related Activities Bill : adoption

Science and Technology Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
National Science and Technology Foundation Annual Report : briefing

2 November 2004
Budget analysis, development of SMMEs and Indigenous Knowledge Systems : Department briefing

3 November 2004
Swedish Parliamentary Committee on Education : meeting

9 November 2004
National Research Foundation and Department : briefings

Social Development Portfolio Committee

27 October 2004
Department Annual Report ;  National Development Agency and Central Drug Authority : briefings

29 October 2004
2 November 2004
3 November 2004
5 November 2004

Children's Bill : deliberations

Sports and Recreation Portfolio Committee

26 October 2004
Subcommittee election and consideration of international agreements

2 November 2004
Discussion of Oversight Report : Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng

3 November 2004
Boxing South Africa Annual Report : briefing

5 November 2004
Swimming South Afriac : briefing

9 November 2004
Sports and Recreation South Africa Annual Report, mass participation and schools sports programmes

Trade and Industry Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

National Small Business Amendment Bill: hearings 09 Nov 2004

Small Business Amendment Bill: deliberations 05 Nov 2004

Small Business Amendment Bill: deliberations 03 Nov 2004

Industrial Development Corporation, National Lotteries Board, Khula, SA Bureau of Standards: Annual Reports 29 Oct 2004

Department Annual Report and National Small Business Amendment Bill: briefings 27 Oct 2004
Transport Committee
* * * no further details : subscription required * * *

National Ports Authority Bill: hearings 03 Nov 2004

Public Transport Entities Annual Reports: Department briefing 27 Oct 2004
Water Affairs and Forestry Portfolio Committee

29 October 2004
Transfer of water services : SA Local Government Association briefing


Economic and Foreign Affairs Select Committee

27 October 2004
Petroleum Products Amendment Bill : Department briefing

9 November 2004
WTO Multilateral Trade Negotiations ;  Southern African Customs Union : briefing

Education and Recreation Select Committee

27 October 2004
Heritage : briefing by Department of Arts and Culture

28 October 2004
Human Sciences Research Council Annual Report briefing

Select Committee Land and Environmental Affairs

The final mandate of the National Environmental Management : Air Quality Bill [B62D-2003] 20 October 2004

Select Committee on Local Government

27 October 2004
Project Consolidate presentation

8 November 2004
Intervention in Mafikeng Municipality : briefing

9 November 2004
Ntambanana, Hibiscus Coast and Buhlebengwe Municipalities interventions : briefing by KwaZulu-Natal MEC

Select Committee on Public Services

26 October 2004
Expanded public works programme progress : Department briefing

Security and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee

25 October 2004
SA/India Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Treaties ;  Protocols on Court of Justice in the African Union, and Legal affairs in SADC : adoption

26 October 2004
Community supervision, Parole Boards and APOPS : Correctional Services Department briefing

27 October 2004
Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist and Related Activities Bill : consideration

Social Services Select Committee

20 October 2004
Dental Technicians Amendment Bill and Traditional Health Practitioners Bill : negotiating mandates

25 October 2004
Progress on Older Persons Bill : Department briefing

26 October 2004
Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill and Sterilisation Amendment Bill : adoption

27 October 2004
Dental Technicians Amendment Bill and Traditional Health Practitioners Bill : adoption


Joint Budget Committee

28 October 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement : Department submissions

1 November 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement : hearings

2 November 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement : input from Departments, Development Bank, AGRISA, SALGA

3 November 2004
Medium Term Budget Policy Statement : input from Departments of Education, Health, Trade & Industry, Home Affairs, People's Budget Campaign and HSRC

8 November 2004
Report on Medium Term Budget Policy Statement : adoption

Children, Youth and Disabled Persons Joint Monitoring Committee

22 October 2004
Deputy Chairperson and Chairperson elections


Ad Hoc Committee on the Annual Report of the Auditor General

3 November 2004
Election of Chairperson and planning


Department of Home Affairs
11 November 2004
Clarification on Citizenship Amendment Act

SA Government Online


School governing bodies set to lose powers - 10 November
Massive challenges loom for schools as the education department plans to take away parent bodies’ powers to appoint teachers and increase the rights of expelled pupils. The draft law is open for public comment until November 19
Herald Online website


New law to vet financial watchdogs - 9 November
The National Assembly adopted legislation yesterday to protect consumers of financial services. The Financial Services Ombud Schemes Bill builds on existing ombudsman schemes for handling consumer complaints by creating a statutory position to complement SA's various voluntary schemes
Business Day website

Calls for lifting of exchange controls are self-serving - 8 November
A deep distrust of the executive arm of government has run deep in the sometimes tortuous debate in parliament over the past week about the finer points of the Financial Services Ombud Schemes Bill
Business Report website


Amnesty for illegal firearms discussed - 11 November
Every firearm handed in to police during the long-awaited three-month amnesty early in 2005 year will have a "significant impact" on the fight against crime. That is according to South African Police Service (SAPS) Deputy Commissioner Philip Jacobs, who was urging a parliamentary committee on Wednesday to approve the amnesty
IOL website



Ministry for Provincial and Local Government
8 November 2004
Intergovernmental Relations Bill goes to Parliament, 9 Nov
SA Government Online





Manuel asks all political parties to help end abuse of social grants - 10 November 2004
Concerns about unemployment and the abuse of social security grants featured large in debate in the national assembly yesterday about a raft of bills and policy statements released recently by finance minister Trevor Manuel. "We must prevent the social security system from being abused by people who violate the law," Manuel said during debates on his medium-term budget policy statement, the Revenue Laws Amendment Bill and the Adjustments Appropriations Bill
Business Report website


Department of Health
4 November 2004
N Madlala-Routledge : Traditional Health Practitioners Bill
SA Government Online


  Ingonyama Trust Board  
Agriculture and Land Affairs Portfolio Committee
26 October 2004
Ingonyama Trust Board and Perishable Products Export Control Board, Annual Reports : briefings

Parliamentary Monitoring Group
's website
To all who attended the Ingonyama Trust Board Presentation by Judge Ngwenya at the KZNLS' premises in Durban on 4 September 2004

Please note that you will still receive a free CD included in your attendance fee.  Unfortunately I was struck by an unspeakable malady in the interim which has caused a significant backlog in my workload.  The information kindly supplied to us by Judge Ngwenya has been scanned and you will be notified as soon as the CDs become available.

Anyone else who is interested in receiving a copy of this CD should contact me : the cost will be R30-00 per CD.

Mary Bruce
Information Manager 


  Institute for Justice and Reconciliation  
New publication :

Taking Power in the Economy - Gains and Directions
Economic Transformation Audit 2004

Edited by S Brown S and A Fölscher
ISBN: 0-9584794-2-9
472mm x 275mm
R 99.00

Economic justice is now at the top of the South African transformation agenda. How to go about realising it effectively, and spreading benefits to the majority, is the key national debate of today. From government to private sector, policymakers to private citizens, transformation is now a pivotal issue.

Taking Power in the Economy – Gains and Directions is the first in a new series of transformation audits published by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. The series interrogates the manner in which South Africa's economy is transforming the country's political and social landscape. It scrutinizes the data for directions of development and
pointers for future policy.

This edition mobilises acknowledged experts in these areas to apply high-calibre political and statistical analysis to the existing data, in order to analyse and quantify economic transformation. Issues spotlighted are:

  • The changing shape of the economy, and effectiveness of Black Economic Empowerment strategies
  • Schooling faces a crisis: is education opening or closing doors?
  • Unskilled increasingly means unemployed – for nearly half of all job-seekers. We need multi-pronged strategies for our central social dilemma
  • Inequality is rising, as black and white middle class South Africans get richer. Are things getting better for those who live in poverty?

The Transformation Audit is an essential tool for businesspeople, professionals and investors; social analysts and policy-makers; friends and observers of South Africa worldwide.

This is an essential contribution to the search for economic justice in South Africa today.
— Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

The chapters in this publication will be available for download at

More information:

Published by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and distributed by Oneworldbooks

021-701 7302


  Road Accident Fund   -
Motorist wins long fight against RAF - 10 November
A Tongaat motorist, whose fiancee died in a car crash five years ago, has won his compensation battle with the Road Accident Fund. Telkom technician Narendra Bansi, 29, of Burbreeze Drive, had sued the RAF for R800 000 in the Durban High Court
IOL website


  Useful links and items of interest  
16 Days of Activism Campaign
16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women and Children
Information on the history and origins of the 16 Days as well as national events and news happening during the period

Ministry of Correctional Services
11 November 2004
C Gillwald : 16 Days of Activism Campaign, NA

Men challenged to join women's dignity march - 11 November
The men of Cape Town have been challenged to join this year's Women Demand Dignity march, which is to kick off 16 days of activism against women and child abuse on November 25
Cape Times website

Campaign raises awareness of gender-based violence - 10 November
The campaign, 16 Days of Activism, aims to raise awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue. "For the health of women, for the health of the world: No more violence." This the theme of an international campaign against gender violence that starts later this month
SABC News website

Women urged to participate in cyber dialogues - 5 November
Women throughout the country have been urged to participate in the forthcoming Cyber Dialogues, an initiative that aims to raise awareness and change behaviour as part of the 16 Days of Activism on Gender Violence
BuaNews Online website

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health
  • 1st Annual Provincial Summit on HIV and Aids in the Workplace : "Making Policy Work". 9/10 November 2004
    Media release :
    • 'Wrong attitude' over Aids in the workplace - 10 November
      Only 40 percent of major national companies surveyed recently had coherent HIV and Aids strategies in place, a conference on HIV and Aids policies in the workplace was told in Durban on Tuesday
      IOL website
    • SA companies still ignorant of effects of HIV/Aids - 9 November
      The University of KwaZulu-Natal says five years ago 11% of the work force was HIV positive. By 2010 this figure will account for a fifth of the labour force. It also found that HIV is higher among contract and unskilled workers. Yet one in five managers is also HIV positive
      SABC News website
News Items
Is Geoff Budlender still dangerous? - 8 November
Nathan Geffen and Zackie Achmat
There is a possibly apocryphal story that apartheid prime minister John Vorster described Geoff Budlender as the second-most dangerous man in SA. Three decades later it seems government still considers Budlender dangerous

Business Day website
'Racist judges' academic to appeal suspended sentence - 10 November
Jo Moila has vowed to fight against his suspended sentence for accusing three high court judges of racism and distributing offensive documents, given in the Pretoria High Court yesterday
Herald Online website
Half bar council exec to be black - 10 November
At least half the General Council of the Bar's (GCB) executive committee will be black advocates in future, the GCB said today
SABC News website
Afrikaans summons thrown out - 8 November
A Durban magistrate refused to rule in favour of the complainant in a civil case because the complainant's court papers were in Afrikaans instead of English
News24 website
Home affairs announces new passport rules - 12 November
South Africans with dual citizenship may use their foreign passports in certain circumstances without losing their SA citizenship, the Home Affairs department said on Thursday
IOL website
Young voices echo on the web - 10 November
The online journal LitNet is presenting two exciting writers' projects that promise to provide some captivating reading and a valuable series of collectors' items
News24 website
Book award is likely to be a real page-turner - 10 November
It's a battle that has all the ingredients of a best-seller. Two award-winning writers - of this year's Booker Prize and of the all-female Orange Prize - are not only pitted against each other for one of the country's leading literary awards, but are up against a former farm labourer who hadn't written anything longer than a postcard until his mid-thirties
Telegraph [UK] website
Keyphrase : Whitbread Book of the Year Award
Islamic Court overturns stoning sentence - 10 November
A Nigerian Islamic appeal court on Wednesday freed a pregnant woman sentenced to be stoned to death for having sex out of wedlock
IOL website
Judges maintain battle with Swazi monarchy - 10 November
A two-year feud between Swaziland's highest court and the monarchy showed no signs of abating on Wednesday after the judges renewed demands that an eviction order from King Mswati III be scrapped
IOL website
Bill to target family abuse - 10 November
Children will be able to take family violence orders against their parents under planned new Tasmanian laws. The Bill will go to Parliament next week. But legal groups say they have serious concerns the Bill would infringe human rights and give police unprecedented power website
United States
Bush reshuffle under way as Ashcroft quits - 10 November
John Ashcroft, the United States attorney general and the embodiment of the Christian right in the Bush administration, announced his resignation on Tuesday night. In a five-page handwritten letter to the president, Ashcroft claimed to have made Americans safe from crime and terror and said his "energies and talents" should now be directed elsewhere
Mail & Guardian website

Bush names new attorney general - 11 November
United States President George Bush named Alberto Gonzales, the White House lawyer who advised him he could disregard the "obsolete" Geneva conventions, as the US's new attorney general on Wednesday. "His sharp intellect and sound judgment have helped shape our policies in the war on terror," Bush said
Mail & Guardian website

Choice of Gonzales may blaze a trail for the High Court - 12 November
Republicans close to the White House said on Thursday that the choice of Alberto R Gonzales as attorney general was part of a political strategy to bolster Mr Gonzales's credentials with conservatives and position him for a possible Supreme Court appointment
New York Times website

Justices rule drunken driving cannot mean automatic deportation of immigrants - 10 November
The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that driving under the influence of alcohol, even when serious bodily injury results, is not a "crime of violence" for which an immigrant can be subject to automatic deportation. The unanimous opinion, written by Chief Justice William H Rehnquist, rejected an interpretation of the law advanced by both the Bush and the Clinton administrations
New York Times website
Lawyers slam Bennett's imprisonment - 12 November
he International Bar Council has condemned the imprisonment of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) MP Roy Bennett as harsh and degrading
The Independent [Zimbabwe] website



  Virus alert  
Trojan horse spies on Web banking - 11 November
Security experts say they've discovered a Trojan horse that records e-banking user details and Web surfing habits. The company said that once installed, the Trojan waits for users to visit their online banking Web sites, then captures passwords and takes screenshots of the session. The information is relayed to the hackers behind the ploy, who use the data to steal money
CNet News website


Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 12 November, updated 13 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 11 November, updated 13 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 8 November, updated 10 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 9 November, updated 10 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 8 November, updated 10 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 8 November, updated 9 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 7 November, updated 10 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 6 November, updated 9 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 2 November, updated 3 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 1 November, updated 2 November

Source :

Grade 2 risk on Symantec's scale
Discovered 1 November, updated 2 November

Source :


WWW   Why Work the Web - making the Internet work for you  
Welcome to the Sandbox
This is the place to play with new MSN technologies, look at prototypes, and peek behind the scenes at some of our new ideas


Beta version of Microsoft Search goes out Thursday - 10 November
Microsoft will push its homegrown search software into beta tests Thursday, its first real move against Google, sources reported early Wednesday. Microsoft has promised that its search engine would have internally developed algorithms and an index built by its own spiders and that it would be live this year. Twice this year it has shown working versions on its Sandbox site, where visitors can test new technologies
Information Week website



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Insolvency Law

Complete and Comprehensive

Insolvency Law is the most reliable source of information regarding this area of the law, giving you the full text of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936, together with expert commentary from highly regarded specialists.

Not just the facts

Insolvency Law not only examines the legislation, it also examines case – law in order to provide a more detailed and rounded approach to the subject In addition the authors have made suggestions where the law is unclear or undecided. Its convenient loose-leaf format means that you will be kept abreast of any developments via regular updates.

This comprehensive commentary on insolvency law covers a host of topics including:

  • Compulsory sequestration
  • Voluntary surrender
  • Trustees and liquidators - the distribution of and contribution to
  • The administration of property
  • Legal proceedings
  • Interrogations
  • Claims and proof of claims
  • Sale of property
  • Compositions
  • Payment of costs and proved claims
  • Rehabilitation
  •  Offences

The valuable information contained in the appendices makes Insolvency Law the most comprehensive reference on the subject

Insolvency Law was originally written by the highly respected late judge of the High Court, PM Meskin and is now updated by a panel of legal experts:

  • B Galgut BA (Stell) LLB (Pret) Judge of the High Court of South Africa
  • JA Kunst BA LLB (Natal) Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
  • PAM Magid BA LLB (UCT) Judge of the High Court of South Africa
  • DA Burdette BIur LLB (Unisa) LLD (Pret) Associate Professor of Law, Department of Mercantile Law, University of Pretoria 
  • A Boraine BIuris LLB (Pret) LLM (Wits) LLD (Pret) Professor of Law, University of Pretoria, Attorney of the High Court of South Africa

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The Valuations Handbook Concepts and Cases

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Since the advent of Capital Gains Tax, asset valuation has become more important than ever before. This handbook provides you with all the tools you need to do your own valuations objectively and comprehensively. It will help you minimise your CGT liability while still adhering to the letter of the law

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  • EC Competition Law Handbook 2004/2005 – NEW!
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This annual publication is recognised as the first point of reference for any practitioner’s or academic’s analysis of EC competition law issues. It serves as a comprehensive search to EC competition law cases, decisions handed down and tables of fines awarded. Key legislation is also reproduced in full.

  • Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration – NEW!
    Alan Redfern and Martin Hunter with Nigel Blackaby and Constantine Partasides
    November 2004, 0 421 86240 8, £199/€281

Definitive coverage of international commercial arbitration. Sets out the process from start to finish, the legal context and suitable places to carry out arbitration. It also highlights developments in international trade and details the increasing harmonisation of national laws governing arbitration.

  • A Complete Guide to Passing the EQE – NEW!
    Simon Roberts, Lecturer at CEIPI and Coordinator of the London CEIPI Course and Andrew Rudge
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Designed specifically to help candidates pass the EQE, this unique book offers complete step-by-step guidance to preparing for and passing papers A to D. Provides strategies for answering each paper - a feature unique to this publication. Incorporates comprehensive guides to the EPC and PCT, including Articles, Rules, relevant case law and references to Ancillary Regulations, Guidelines for Examination, national law and other materials.

  • EU Cross Border Insolvency – NEW!
    Allen & Overy LLP
    General Editor: Jennifer Marshall
    1 volume looseleaf, October 2004, 0 421 88160 7, £255/€361 (price includes service to end of December 2005)

Guides you through your working with the new EC Regulation on the Insolvency of Companies, providing detail on the framework within which the different insolvency regimes in the EU can operate and interact. It gives you country-by-country guidance on the procedures to follow and analyses all relevant case law.

  • EC Antitrust Procedure – NEW!
    Christopher Kerse and Nicholas Khan
    November 2004, 0 421 88520 3, £225/€318

Explains how the European Commission investigates infringements of EC competition law, the procedural rights of the parties concerned, the methods of setting fines, judicial review against Commission decisions and the relationship between the enforcement of EC competition law by the Commission and national courts and competition authorities.

For further details on any of Sweet & Maxwell’s portfolio of books, looseleafs and journals or to order any of the titles above please call; we look forward to hearing from you.

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