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Victoria and Griffiths Mxenge Library

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E-mail: help@lawlibrary.co.za

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Law Briefs

Our librarians have created some basic resources for various topics which they have found many practitioners ask them about. They are meant as guides only and are not legal advice.

These limited resources provide relevant statutes, regulations, and other public domain resources as well as useful links to other web resources including SAFLIIbut are not exhaustive.

Members must check with our librarians whether there have been any amendments before relying on information available from any extract or link.

Also explore LexisNexis and Jutaswhich both have extensive hard copy and electronic resources you can purchase or arrange on line access to on a subscription basis.

Business entities

Legislative Developments

Consumer Issues

Personal injury and compensation

Court Matters

Property matters

Family Law and Succession

Trusts and taxation

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